Systems strengthening

Some of the participants at the Project's systems workshop.
Some of the participants at the Project’s systems workshop.

The Weeds and Rabbits Project began by talking with all relevant stakeholders – CPMGs, farmers, Landcare, regulators, policy and industry – to understand how they make decisions when dealing with rabbits and weeds, and what influences these decisions. A series of systems maps and insights were developed illustrating how each of these groups work together, as well as gaps and opportunities for improvement.

At a systems workshop in 2017, 130 stakeholders from across Victoria and beyond came together to further explore the invasive species management systems. Participants worked together to develop ideas for dealing with the issues highlighted.

Following the workshop, the four CPMGs developed these ideas into a series of community initiatives designed to strengthen community capacity and confidence to take action on weeds and rabbits. This $870,000 portfolio of projects is being delivered over 2018-2020.

Along with investing to strengthen community-led action through the CPMGs, the systems mapping and workshop process identified opportunities for improvements at a system-wide scale, including within government departments. A series of interventions are being delivered to improve how we share information, engage different demographics, support community leadership, and understand the role of compliance in community-led action for weed and rabbit action.

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