About the project

The four invasive species on which the Weeds and Rabbits Project is focused: blackberry, gorse, serrated tussock and rabbitdThe Weeds and Rabbits Project is applying a systems approach to improve how we manage established invasive species in Victoria.

The project has been funded as part of the Commonwealth Government’s Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper. Its purpose is to gain an understanding of the complex network of groups and institutions that manage rabbits, blackberries, serrated tussock and gorse, and invest in initiatives to improve the way we work together, and ultimately manage these species.

Managing invasive species requires thinking which is outside the box. Weed and rabbit management are complex problems, with no easy solutions or silver bullets. These species occur across vast spatial scales, and are influenced by many ecological, economic and social factors.

If our approach to weed and rabbit management is to be effective, we need to build the capacity of those who undertake control activities, coordinate community groups and develop policies and support programs people – to help them to work better together.

The two key objectives of the Weeds and Rabbits Project are to:

  • Empower the community to manage widely established weeds and pest animals
  • Implement changes to the management systems of widely established pests in Victoria.

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