Visit the new Virtual Extension Officer Website!

The Virtual Extension Officer website (VEO) is a free, online resource to assist landholders, land managers, professional pest controllers, biosecurity groups and community groups, manage serrated tussock, gorse, and rabbits on their property.

Developed by the Victorian Gorse Taskforce in collaboration with the Victorian Rabbit Action Network and the Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party, this website brings all our expert knowledge about these three species together in the one, easy to use place!

Rabbits, gorse, and serrated tussock are widespread in Victoria and impact agricultural productivity and the environment. We all need to work together to manage these devastating pests, but it can be difficult for people to know the right control methods to use when and where.

The Community Pest Management Group’s wanted people with pest issues to feel empowered to control these pests. The three groups recognised that by having easy access to information, helps everyone to take action.

The VEO was developed to enable landholders battling any one of these species, to replicate their individual situation online and gather tailored pest control information, in a quick and easy way, without leaving their home.

No need to search through multiple resources and websites for the right information or how to apply it in your situation, the VEO website provides a step-by-step guide to assist you in finding the right management options for your property.

It’s just like having your own personal extension officer in your pocket! Image of the homepage of the Virtual Extension Officer

So how does it work?

In as easy as four clicks of a button, the user can choose:

  • their property location
  • pest species
  • infestation size
  • type of control method they are interested in e.g. chemical, mechanical, bio-control

Following the selection, the VEO will advise the most appropriate methods of control. The VEO website will also provide you with many practical resources to help you decide which techniques to use based on the four step process.

The VEO is very easy to use and compatible with most smart devices.

The only thing it won’t do is implement the work for you!

We know you will find value in this website and we would encourage you to please share it amongst your networks.

The website can be accessed at

Funding for the website was provided by the Australian Government Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper in collaboration with Agriculture Victoria.

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