New community projects underway

The third and final set of community projects funded through the Weeds and Rabbits Projects got underway late in 2019.

Nine new projects are being delivered by Victoria’s four Community Pest Management Groups (CPMG) to support community participation and capacity in weed and pest management.

The Victorian Rabbit Action Network delivered cultural awareness training in north west Victoria, through the round 3 funding program.

Focused on the four major established invasive species in Victoria, the grants program has delivered $1.5 million in funding to the community to support management of blackberry, gorse, rabbits and serrated tussock.

The final round of projects covers a broad range of initiatives, ranging from virtual extension officers, to indigenous cultural awareness training, to weed hygiene management.

A full list of projects is available on the Round 3 page.

Activities will be undertaken across Victoria, with CPMGs focusing on building on the round 1 and 2 investments, and extending the reach of their work into new communities and regions.

The Weeds and Rabbits Project was funded between 2015 and 2019 by the Commonwealth Government, and delivered by Agriculture Victoria. Its objective is to build community capability to manage invasive animals and weeds, in collaboration with the Victorian community.

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