Off to a flying start

Three stakeholders discussing planning for the rabbit bootcamp.

With the first full year of the Weeds and Rabbits Project behind us, we took some time in late 2017 to stop, reflect and look at what’s working and where we can improve. As part of this process, we asked people who have participated in the project so far tell us what changes they’d seen as a result.

We found that the four community pest management groups – rabbits, blackberries, gorse and serrated tussock – are collaborating more and sharing their knowledge. Their members have a better understanding of how pests are managed in Victoria, where their group fits into the bigger picture, and how they can work with others more effectively.

We’ve also seen institutional changes, like new governance structures, that are better supporting both community-led decision making and the way government agencies engage with groups and administer projects.

Do you have a story to share about how the project has affected your organisation, community, or pest management activities? We’d love to hear from you.

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