Lives are meant to get easier


Malcolm Fraser infamously reminded us that life is not meant to be easy, indeed each generation considers their lot hard. After some reflection it occurs that we do want life to get easier.

That’s what your family and forebears worked for and it is what you’re doing for your children, learning and working to make life different for them. Ours is a co-operative way of life, we elect our representatives to work for and on our behalf. It’s their job to direct the servants of the public to help us get things done that benefit the community and the catchment. Where farmers and town’s people put in their share reasonably, government can meet halfway. After years of working on the land, waterways and catchments we have this chance now. For now is the best or maybe the last chance. The work of others means we have the knowledge to remove Australia’s most costly pest – the rabbit – and be in charge of what plant species grows and survives on country.

Over 50 years of research proves that only by kicking the rabbit out can ecosystems recover. Just a rabbit per three hectares can stop natural regeneration in most landscapes in your state. All of the tree planting schemes, ever done pale in comparison with rabbit reduction. The returns from implementing effective rabbit control based off warren destruction are great; every dollar invested, ten comes back. Ten million dollars invested can return $100m for Victoria. The best efforts of farm and conservation managers will come to nought without effective rabbit control.

Lives are meant to get easier.

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