WAGS – Wabbit Action Group Silvan

Laying carrot bait

The Wabbit (rabbit) Action Group Silvan operates in an area of high value, intensive horticultural production on the urban fringe of Melbourne. Rabbit numbers have increased significantly over the last two decades, causing economic damage to orchard trees, berry crops, nursery and cut flower plants.

Small acreage holdings and the many hobby farms means that traditional methods of rabbit control are no longer appropriate. Traps are banned, baiting (1080) is not safe and ferreting is no longer popular. Shooting is still useful if care is taken but is discouraged by many people. Many lifestyle landholders have some complacency about the damage rabbits cause, perceiving them as ‘cute’.

Mechanical warren destruction is much more difficult here because a majority of warrens are in dam banks, creek banks, under trees or on land that is not to be disturbed for environmental reasons.
Blackberry infestations are a major harbour for rabbits and it is very difficult to get landowners, to clear blackberries.

WAGS has run several information workshops since it was formed 18 months ago. We have distributed Pindone bait to interested landholders. However, with plenty of fresh green grass all year round, rabbits do not eat the bait.

WAGS participated in the recent Calicivirus K5 release. The uptake of the treated bait was very encouraging but only one obvious Calici carcass has been collected. Our next spotlight count will, hopefully, confirm this success of the K5 release.
WAGS’ next steps are to assist the spread of the K5 virus by storing K5-dead rabbits for re-release of the virus at an opportune time in the future.

A demonstration plot is being developed to revegetate a warren-pocked area that was also infested with blackberries.

With ongoing funding, WAGS will continue to encourage and assist local landowners to combat rabbits in an area-wide multifaceted approach.

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