Start the conversation over a cup of tea…


I’m really lucky that I grew up in a country town surrounded by redgum forests, rivers and wetlands alongside farms in a small community. It’s provided me with great motivation to protect this space and also provide a solid foundation to have a career in the space of environment, water, agriculture and community.

Working in the rabbit management field I find that I dabble in all four areas frequently, they all connect in one way or another. Not everyone cares about rabbit issues in Australia as much as I do, but I have found by talking with someone about their values, what they care about that opens the doors and starts endless conversations.

In these conversations when I share my knowledge on the importance of rabbit management, people can soon see what the landscape can look like with no rabbits. People realise when rabbit management is not undertaken that the significant damage is done to native plants and animals, agricultural production is down and their neighbours in the community are frustrated. They soon realise that something they care about for themselves or their future generation will be lost if they don’t do something.

Once this is visualised, motivation kicks in and then there is a goal set to look after what they care about. It doesn’t matter if the value is environment, agriculture or community we all benefit, we all win if there is rabbit action.

Many of us have been undertaking rabbit management for years achieving both small and large success. Sadly many of us have been ignoring our responsibility on rabbit management. I feel nothing will change, if we change nothing so I recommend everyone to start the community conversation on what the landscape could look like with no rabbits, share the knowledge on rabbit management and you’ll soon see onground rabbit action and our landscape looked after.

Conversations + knowledge + vision = rabbit action

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